Non-NHS Services

The Government’s contract with GPs covers medical services to NHS patient, including the provision of ongoing medical treatment. In recent years, more and more organisations have been involving GPs in a whole range of non-medical work.  Sometimes the only reason a GP is asked is because of their status within the community or because companies and employers need confirmation that the information they request is true and accurate.

The BMA suggests fees for Non-NHS work which is not covered under the GP NHS contract. However, these are just a guideline and it’s up to the GP to decide on a fair fee to charge for this work. The BMA recommends that patients are told in advance if a fee will be charged and what the charge is. It is up to the GP to decide how much to charge.


Do GPs have to do Non-NHS work for their patients?

No, GPs are not obliged to carry out this work but want to assist patients if they can.

Why does it sometimes take a long time to complete the form or report?

When a GP spends time completing reports or letters, they are not providing medical care to their patients. The current workload is very heavy, particularly during the pandemic, and this type of work often has to be completed after hours when core work is completed.

I only need a signature, it would take 2 minutes!

It’s never just a signature. When a GP signs a form, report or letter, it is a condition of their inclusion on the medical register that they will only sign something they know to be true. This involves checking your medical record to ensure the document is accurate. If a GP makes a false statement, this can have serious consequences for the GP with the GMC and in some cases, the police.

Please see a list of our current fees below. Some of these fees have increased after staying the same since 2015. All fees must be paid in advance of work being completed and supplied.

Countersigning Passport and Driving Licence £30.00 + VAT = £36.00
Holiday Cancellation Certificates £30.00 + VAT = £36.00
Firearms Licence £30.00 + VAT = £36.00
To Whom It May Concern £30.00 + VAT = £36.00
Private Health Insurance Claims £40.00 + VAT = £48.00
Sickness/Accident Insurance Letter/Form £40.00 + VAT = £48.00
GDPR Insurance Requests £65.00 + VAT = £78.00
Medical Forms/Fostering/Adoption £75.00 + VAT = £90.00
HGV, LGV, PCV Medicals £100.00 + VAT = £120.00
Racing Drivers Fitness Certificate £100.00 + VAT = £120.00
Elderly Drivers Fitness £120.00 + VAT = £144.00
Full Medical Examination & Complete Report £195.00 + VAT = £234.00

Prices reviewed on 01.02.2022