Patient Participation Group

What is a PPG?

A patient participation group or PPG is a group of patients, carers and GP practice staff who meet to discuss practice issues and patient experience to help improve services for all.

Purpose of a PPG

  • To give patients and practice staff the opportunity to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest.
  • To provide a means for patients to become more involved and make suggestions about the services they receive.
  • To explore issues from patient complaints and surveys, contribute to action plans and help monitor improvements.
  • To contribute feedback to the practice and propose developments or changes.
  • To support health awareness and patient education.

Interested in joining?

The only requirement a PPG has is that you are registered with the practice. If you’re interested in becoming a member, please contact the practice manager, Lisa Yates, on 01295 770855.

Drs Marshall and Sharples are also members of the National Association for Patient Participation – Welcome to the National Association for Patient Participation (

Patient Participation group meeting minutes

PPG meeting minutes 28.2.22